Dawn's Gastric Bypass Success Story

Dawn had tried every diet and drug out there with little success. But when she weighed in at 298 pounds, it was the fear of hitting 300 that made her think about weight loss surgery.

Vincent Finds Weight Loss Success with LAP-BAND

Vincent was tired... tired of taking a handful of pills every day, tired of being out of breath all the time, tired of being in pain. Hear how weight loss surgery changed his life.

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Carmen Lost 118 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

At more than 300 pounds, Carmen had reached the point where she needed a "drastic" change. Listen to her story and how weight loss surgery changed her life.

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Ella's LAP-BAND Success Story

Ella's life is "a thousand times better" since having her LAP-BAND procedure.

Changing Your Life with Gastric Bypass Surgery

Four months after surgery, Maritza recounts her life before and after gastric bypass surgery.

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Willie Lost 200 pounds with Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is the key to Willie's weight loss surgery success? "You have to decide that you are going to change your life," he says. Willie did just that when he decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery.

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Twins on the Path to Gastric Bypass Success

Twins Yolanda and Yesenia do everything together, so it was natural that when one decided to have gastric bypass surgery, she wasn't going to go through it alone.

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Ralph lost 150 pounds with Gastric Bypass

At 430 pounds, Ralph was on three different types of blood pressure medications. "It was going to kill me," he says. Find out how Ralph lost 150 pounds and came off most of his medication.

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Susanne Lost 155 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

Susanne says she was always a "chunky" kid. After trying diet after diet with no results, she turned to weight loss surgeon Dr. Ajay Goyal for help.

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Adam lost 160 pounds with Gastric Bypass

Adam lost 160 pounds with Gastric Bypass and found so much more. Find out how he decided to have gastric bypass and what the best part has been.

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