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Low Carb Burgers

Healthy or not? Old Tyme 647 Buns

By NJBC Registered Dietitians | July 8, 2022

As the warm weather approaches, many of us look forward to a classic summer barbecue.  Aside from the traditional high protein foods – chicken, steak, hamburgers and hot dogs –  cookouts include many side dishes, and of course, carb-heavy hamburger buns and hot dog rolls. When patients ask about bread substitutes the first thing I recommend is lettuce wraps or tossing their protein over a salad but, in situations where the roll or piece of bread seems like a must, Old Tyme 647 bun products can be a bariatric-friendly option.  This line of products are lower in calories and net carbohydrates and are also a great source of fiber compared to the average piece of bread. Based on the nutrition facts, 647’s  sandwich rolls and long rolls have more health benefits than traditional rolls. Let’s compare.

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You’ll notice that both the 647 sandwich roll (which can be used for hamburgers) and the long roll (for hot dogs) provide less calories and carbohydrates and more dietary fiber, proving to be a better bread choice!  I always tell patients that when making a plate, even if it’s a barbecue plate, try to stick with the meat and one side such as salad, beans, or corn. For the days you want to indulge, go for the 647 bread products. For a full breakdown of the nutrition facts for the classic wheat bread, see our 647 blog post here

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