Tacos are a delicious and easy, budget-friendly, customize-able meal that is perfect for busy weeknights. Just because you’re working towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the meals you love! Find healthier versions of your favorite meals; check out these 8 simple tips and tricks from our registered dietitians to make Taco Night tasty and good-for-you.

8 Tips & Tricks for Making Tacos Healthier:

  1. Use lettuce wraps in place of soft/hard taco shells
  2. Put taco fixings over lettuce for a taco salad
  3. Opt for low carb tortillas to make it healthier, we like the brand Tumaro
  4. Red bell peppers are a great substitute for flour tortillas and fried taco shells
  5. Use ground turkey or a 90% lean ground beef
  6. Swap out red meat for shrimp
  7. Use plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  8. Choose finely chopped kale or spinach instead of iceberg lettuce