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May 2, 2013
Family, Friends, Food and Support for the Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Five tips to help your family member succeed with their bariatric surgery weight loss goals

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April 16, 2013
Determining When to Adjust Your REALIZE® or LAP-BAND®

For patients who have just had Gastric Band surgery (LAP-BAND® or REALIZE® band), one of the first questions they want to know is how will they know when they need to adjust their Gastric Band. But before you’ll know when it’s time to adjust your gastric band, you need to understand how gastric band surgery […]

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July 31, 2012
Weight Loss Surgery vs. Weight Loss Drugs: Which Is Right for You?

With two new weight loss drugs just approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the first time in 13 years, hopeful patients have been coming to me asking whether these revolutionary drugs could be an alternative to weight loss surgery. Let’s take a look at these two new weight loss drugs – Qsymia and […]

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