I was always very athletic when I was younger. In college, I played a lot of football and I wrestled. After college, I started working behind a desk. The athletics stopped very quickly, and the weight came on even quicker. I tried getting back into the gym and all the fad diets. Some of them worked, but as soon as I stopped the diet, the weight came right back on. So I knew I had the ability to lose the weight. I just couldn’t keep it off. Then I saw the success that my twin brother had with bariatric surgery. That really influenced me in my decision to have the surgery as well. The surgery went really well. I had no pain and I got back on my feet more quickly than I expected. The weight came off so fast. That initial surge of weight loss allowed me to become more mobile. Almost instantly my joints felt better. My back felt better and weight was taken off my knees.  It allowed me to have some small success that you can immediately attribute to the weight loss. As I lost more weight, the life changes were dramatic. I have two young children so it made a huge difference in my life. I went from being a wallflower in the gym to helping coach my son’s wrestling team. I can get on a plane to go on vacation with my wife and not have to worry about needing a seat belt extender. All these things are now available to me and I couldn’t be happier.