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Gastric Balloon Gave Me Confidence To Live A Healthy Life

  Olga Lost 32 Pounds and Changed Her Life With the Obalon Gastric Balloon                                           

From crash diets to liposuction, you name it, I tried it. For 20 years I struggled with my weight.  I always carried a few extra pounds that I felt held me back. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable anymore. I needed to do something that would make me healthier and feel better but felt I tried all the weight loss options. Then I came across the newly FDA-approved Gastric Balloon on the New Jersey Bariatric Center website. I was drawn to it since it’s non-surgical and I could be back to my regular activities the same day.

When I walked into New Jersey Bariatric Center for the first time, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I sat down with Dr. Buwen and immediately felt at ease at how thorough he was in explaining the balloon procedure. He made me feel like a valued patient and hopeful about what the future could bring with this procedure. The Obalon procedure involves three balloons inserted at three separate times that help to curb hunger with each insertion. The insertions involved swallowing the balloon in pill form followed by the doctor inflating it.  I had my first insertion of three in July 2017. Each time, I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing I was getting closer to reaching my weight loss goals. Dr. Buwen removed the balloons in January 2018. It was so easy that I attended New Jersey Bariatric Center's annual patient gala the same night! (You can even see a picture of me walking the red carpet below)

Over six months I lost 32 pounds of the stubborn excess weight I’ve been fighting for so long.  With each balloon insertion, I didn’t feel as hungry and started feeling full halfway through meals. I learned portion control, mindful eating and meal structure with routine visits with New Jersey Bariatric Center dietitians, which carried into my lifestyle now. And, I was able to stop medication I was on for pain management as the aches I felt daily from minimal activities were gone. I have a new zest for life!

The support I received at New Jersey Bariatric Center made the whole process smooth. With every visit, I felt better than I did before about committing to this new lifestyle and prepared to make healthy changes in my life.

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