From chocolate to licorice to lollipops and hard candy, it’s hard to say no to our favorite sweet treats at Halloween. But what if you could approach it in a healthier way? 

Our team of registered dietitians have put together a list of tasty Halloween treats that are low in sugar. Try choosing 2 small items that will leave you feeling satisfied without setting you on a path to overindulging.

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  • Unreal Dark Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bars: This is a great option for those who enjoy the peanut, caramel goodness of Snickers Bars. The Unreal brand uses 40% less sugar and organic ingredients. 
  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings: If you prefer something more fruity, these Peach Rings may be an option. Smart Sweets Peach Rings have 88% less sugar than traditional peach rings and only 3g per serving
  • Quest Peanut Butter Cups: This is a peanut butter cup with added protein. Protein helps to keep you full for a longer period of time.
  • Golly Lolli’s: If you like hard candy, Project 7’s new Golly Lolli’s are a great option for you with only 4g of net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) per serving. 
  • Lily’s Chocolate Covered Almonds: For those craving something a little bit more crunchy, Lily’s no-sugar added dark chocolate covered almonds are the perfect match. Not only are almonds a great source of protein, but the sugar-free chocolate coating will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

We hope you found that these Halloween Candy options can help you celebrate the bariatric-friendly way. For more “tricks” on how to tackle Halloween, check out our blog.