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How Soon Can I Resume Sexual Activity After Weight Loss Surgery?

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | February 19, 2020

 Part of NJBC’s Bariatric FAQ Series

Many weight loss surgery patients ask when it would be safe to resume sexual activity after surgery. When patients ask this question, there is a general concern about affecting the surgical area and the staples in the abdomen. This concern usually applies not only to sexual activity but also to daily activities such as climbing stairs, walking and participating in gym activities. The concern is understandable because weight loss surgery - whether it’s gastric sleeve or gastric bypass - is a major abdominal procedure. First and foremost, it’s important to  give your body enough time to heal.

Immediately following surgery, we recommend that patients minimize strain in general. Whether it’s sexual activity, exercise or heavy lifting, strain should be minimized until pain medications are no longer in use and until you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that everyone recovers differently. 

Generally, sexual activity can be resumed when you feel comfortable doing so. Some patients may be able to engage in sexual activity within a week after weight loss surgery, others may elect to wait a few weeks. Listen to your body and avoid any strenuous activity. 

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