We all get that sweet craving, especially during the colder weather and holidays. Instead of splurging with excess calories and sugar, Lily’s Chocolate Bars are my go to for that sweet, guilt-free treat. There is no sugar added, instead it is sweetened with stevia. It has 9g of fiber per serving due to the chicory root fiber – a type of inulin (dissolvable fiber) found in plant foods and is beneficial for our gut health. 

Check out the comparison chart below to see how Lily’s Salted Almond Chocolate Bar stacks up with traditional Hershey’s with Almonds. With fewer calories, fat, carbs and sugar – it’s a much healthier choice. I’ve bought them from Stop & Shop and Whole Foods. They come in a few other flavors to choose from – dark chocolate crispy rice, cookies and crème, and salted almond dark chocolate. Keep in mind that moderation is key. Although it has less sugar, sticking to one serving at a time is best. 

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Lily's Chocolate