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March Tuesday Talks Recap: Putting Your Nutritional Knowledge to the Test

We put a fun spin on support group in March in honor of National Nutrition Month: Trivia Night! Some questions were a little challenging but it gave everyone the opportunity to learn something new to incorporate into their healthier lifestyles. Want to test what you know? Answer these questions below and share your results with us. Good luck!



  1. Which serving of fruit has the most fiber?

a. One cup of raspberries

b. One apple

c. ½ cup grapes

2. Which serving of fruit has more carbohydrates?

a. ¾ cup frozen blueberries

b. One medium banana

c. ¾ cup frozen raspberries

3. How many grams of carbohydrates would you consume if you had a tennis ball-sized apple and one cup of raspberries?

a. 12 grams

b. 20 grams

c. 30 grams



  1. Which of the following is a starchy vegetable?

a. Green beans

b. Peas

c. Broccoli

2. Which serving of vegetables has more carbohydrates?

a. ½ cup of corn

b. ½ cup diced celery

c. ½ cup steamed sliced carrots

3. What vitamin is predominantly found in carrots and sweet potatoes?

a. Vitamin D

b. Vitamin A

c. Vitamin B-12



  1. Which of the following foods has all naturally occurring sugars?

a. Bread

b. Milk

c. Ice cream

2. Which of the following sweets has more sugar?

a. Chocolate chip Clif bar

b. Mini Twix bar

c. Two Hershey kisses

3. How many grams of sugar is in a can of coke?

a. 39 grams

b. 57 grams

c. 25 grams



  1. Which alcoholic beverage has more calories?

a. Long Island Iced Tea

b. 5-ounce glass of red wine

c. One shot vodka

2. Which Dunkin’ Donuts drink has the most calories?

a. French vanilla swirl macchiato

b. Hot chocolate

c. Caramel mocha swirl coffee

3. How many calories in a bottle of lemon Snapple?

a. 205 calories

b. 95 calories

c. 150 calories




  1. How many grams of protein does one ounce of tuna have?

a. 14 grams

b. 7 grams

c. 20 grams

2. Which food has more protein?

a. Oikos triple zero Greek yogurt

b. ¼ cup of nuts

c. One Polly-O string cheese

3. How many grams of protein is in this meal? 3 ounces of chicken with ½ cup black beans.

a. 12 grams

b. 42 grams

c. 28 grams



  1. Which fat is considered the “bad fat”?

a. Saturated

b. Polyunsaturated

c. Monounsaturated

2. What kind of fat is butter?

a. Saturated

b. Polyunsaturated

c. Monounsaturated

3. How many grams of fat are in two tablespoons of natural peanut butter?

a. 20 grams

b. 8 grams

c. 16 grams


Final Bonus

How many calories are in this McDonald’s meal: large Coke, Big Mac, large French fries.

a. ~1340 calories

b. 500 calories

c. 800 calories



Answer Key

Fruit: 1. 1 cup of raspberries 2. Banana 3. 30 grams

Vegetables: 1. Peas 2.1/2 cup of corn 3. Vitamin A

Sugar: 1. Milk 2. Chocolate chip Clif bar 3. 39 grams

Drinks: 1. Long Island iced tea 2. Hot chocolate 3. 150 calories

Protein: 1. 14 grams 2. Oikos 3. 28 grams

Fat: 1. Saturated 2. Saturated 3. 16 grams

Final Bonus: ~1340 calories


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