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New Jersey Bariatric Center® Launches Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at its Hoboken, NJ, Office

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | October 28, 2013

HOBOKEN, NJ (Oct. 28, 2013)  –  New Jersey Bariatric Center® launched its medically supervised weight loss program at its office in Hoboken, N.J.

With the addition of its Medical Weight Loss program, featuring the OPTIFAST meal replacement program and an FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressant (such as Qsymia), New Jersey Bariatric Center® is the first full-service weight loss center in Hoboken, offering expert medical advice and treatment to those who want to shed excess weight – whether they have 5 pounds to lose or 150.

New Jersey Bariatric Center® has been helping people suffering from obesity meet their weight loss goals for more than 10 years," said Dr. Ajay Goyal, founder of New Jersey Bariatric Center®. "We started seeing an increase in the number of people coming to us who didn't meet the weight qualifications for surgery, but still wanted medical help to meet their weight loss goals. They were frustrated by rollercoaster weight loss, miracle cures and fad diets and were looking for medical solution for weight loss."

"So we created a personalized, effective and medically-sound program to meet their needs. Medical Weight Loss at New Jersey Bariatric Center® can provide the long-term weight loss solution people are looking for.”

Medical Weight Loss at New Jersey Bariatric Center®, which will be offered at New Jersey Bariatric Center®'s Hoboken and Springfield offices, is designed for specifically for individuals who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 26 and 35. BMI is a calculation that helps physicians determine whether a patient is a healthy weight. A BMI of 25 or below is considered healthy, while a BMI between 25.1 and 30 is overweight. A patient is considered “obese” if they have a BMI of 30 or above. Patients may qualify for surgery if their BMI is 40 or 35 or above with another obesity-related condition. The higher one’s BMI, the higher their risk to develop serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes among others.

The New Jersey Bariatric Center® Medical Weight Loss team includes registered dietitians who create a personalized meal plan for the patient. That plan may include OPTIFAST meal replacements, which helps patients restrict calorie intake.  “By using the OPTIFAST replacement meals, patients can lose between 5 pounds and 10 pounds in the first month,” said New Jersey Bariatric Center® registered dietitian Karen Kelly. “But it’s not just about what you eat. We also work with the patients to give them strategies to make good food choices.”

Patients in the New Jersey Bariatric Center® Medical Weight Loss program may choose from one of three medical weight loss plan options.

Nutrition Counseling: New Jersey Bariatric Center®’s weight loss team evaluates the patient’s medical and nutritional history, vitals, metabolic lab profile and works with the patient to develop a whole-food, nutrient-rich meal plan tailored to meet their personal needs. The length of the program will vary based on the patient’s current health history and weight loss goals. Our Registered Dietitians are available by phone and email to answer questions and concerns or even for a simple motivation booster.

Nutrition Counseling + OPTIFAST Meal Replacement: OPTIFAST is a high-quality, physician-grade meal replacement supplement. OPTIFAST may be recommended based on the patient’s medical history, current nutritional status and long-term goals. OPTIFAST may fully replace food or be used in conjunction with a balanced meal to help expedite the weight loss process. Ongoing nutritional counseling sessions offer behavior modification strategies and lifestyle education.

Nutrition Counseling + Prescription Medication (Qsymia): New Jersey Bariatric Center® doctors may recommend the use of an FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressant (such as Qsymia). Weight loss medications may be right for patients who are looking for an additional tool to help control their appetite while working on losing weight. Weight loss drugs are used to help suppress appetite while the patient focuses on improving daily habits. Patients who use these medications are required to have regular follow-up visits with the doctor and regular nutritional counseling sessions with a registered dietitian to learn behavior modification strategies and lifestyle education. Patients may also choose to add the OPTIFAST meal replacement program to further optimize weight loss.

About New Jersey Bariatric Center®
New Jersey Bariatric Center®, a medical & surgical weight loss center with offices in Springfield, Somerset and Hoboken, New Jersey, helps patients achieve long-term weight loss success through the most advanced bariatric surgery procedures, including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, LAP-BAND  and REALIZE Band procedures. Free monthly patient education seminars are held five times a month in Woodbridge, Summit, Springfield, Bridgewater and Secaucus, NJ, for individuals interested in learning more about weight loss surgery. To view dates or register for a seminar, visit our Free Seminar page or call 908-481-1270.

Contact: Bonnie Smolen, Community Relations Manager, at 908-481-1270 for media inquiries

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