A few weeks ago, I realized I was stuck in a vegetable rut. My family and I were eating the same carrots and broccoli repeatedly.  It was getting a little boring so I figured it was time for a healthy change.

I discovered Green Giant’s Riced Veggies in my local supermarket, which made including vegetables as part of my family’s meals quick and easy. They’re also frozen in re-sealable bags so they’re always ready to throw into my favorite dishes or use as a low carb side.  My personal favorite is the Cauliflower Risotto medley. It pairs perfectly with grilled shrimp and topped with grated pecorino romano or your favorite cheese.


I also throw a half cup of the Cauliflower Sweet Potato blend into my son’s scrambled eggs and my daughter’s smoothies (you don’t taste the veggies at all, I promise!) You can mix it in with meatloaf or sneak it into tomato sauce too.

I feel great knowing we’re getting an extra boost of nutrition and there’s no mess or prep for me!