Due to the growing number of COVID-19 omicron variant cases in our area, the New Jersey Bariatric Center is temporarily switching for the next few weeks from in-person appointments to telemedicine appointments, unless your doctor authorizes an in-person visit due to a medical necessity. When we resume in-person appointments, you will receive an update.

What to Expect During a Telemedicine Appointment

Telemedicine appointments follow the same process as in-person visits, except virtually. From the comfort of your home, office or non-distracting location, patients will have a video appointment with an NJBC surgeon, nutritionist or physician’s assistant. For your safety, please avoid driving during your appointment.

Similar to the in-person visit, one of our medical assistants will go over your health information to prepare you for your consultation with the surgeon, nutritionist or physician’s assistant and, take your copayment, when applicable.

Once the health information is completed and your copayment is received, you will begin your telemedicine appointment. You will be able to ask any questions you may have about weight loss surgery, post-operative support and our other services.

Follow-up Appointments

For patients with routine follow-up appointments after surgery, your appointment will be done via telemedicine unless your doctor or physician’s assistant authorizes an in-person visit due to medical necessity.

Medical Emergencies

For medical emergencies, please dial 911. If you have concerns and need to speak with your doctor or physician’s assistant, call our office directly.

To schedule an appointment, call our office at 908-481-1270 or to request a call, click here.