Talking about weight is never an easy conversation. No one likes to be told they are overweight, and many patients are even shocked to find that they fall into the obese range.

When initiating a conversation about weight, many healthcare practitioners find success in focusing on the health aspects of their patients’ weight. Patient should understand that obesity is a complex disease. The statistics bespeak a troubling future for the obese population: the risk of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer rises with a person’s body mass index (BMI). We know that the mortality rate also rises as the patient’s BMI gets higher. In fact, obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Referral Criteria

To be a candidate for bariatric surgery at the New Jersey Bariatric Center®, patients must:

  • Be between 15 and 69 years of age
  • Have a BMI of 40 or greater
  • Have a BMI of 35 to 39.9 with comorbidities, such as:
    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
    • Obstructive sleep apnea
    • Hypertension
    • Dyslipidemia
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    • Depression
  • Not use drugs or alcohol
  • Not suffer from uncontrolled psychosocial or medical problems that would increase risk during surgery
  • Have participated in previous attempts at weight management
  • Be unable to lose weight through other methods

Referring a Patient

If you have a patient who you believe meets these criteria, you can pre-register your patient by filling out the form below and faxing it to our office at the number provided on the form. Advise the patient that you will be pre-registering them, and that they should call to make an appointment. You will need the following information:

1. Patient’s name and contact information
2. Date of birth
3. Height
4. Weight
5. Referring physician address and telephone number

If the patient has not called our office in five business days, a representative from our office will call the patient to followup.