I’ve always been able to relate to that old saying that compares dieting to being on a roller coaster. Throughout my life I’ve been on numerous diet plans and weight loss supplements. I’d lose weight and then it would come right back. Up and down like a roller coaster – but not as much fun. In fact, not fun at all.

Being obese in my family was nothing new. The majority of my father’s family was obese and had numerous health issues. My father, my paternal grandmother and my brother all suffered from diabetes. When my father required a heart transplant at the age of 52, I was scared for my dad and was frightened that I might face the same fate one day. I knew I needed to do something to take charge of my life.

Looking back now – 100 pounds lighter – I know that I would never have been able to get here on willpower alone. From my first appointment, my fears and concerns were completely comforted by Dr. Forrester. The other doctors and rest of the staff have always made me feel like part of a family that understood the trials and tribulations of being overweight. Their continuous support is immeasurable.

My life has changed because of the surgery in many ways. I no longer suffer from sleep disorders, and I am energetic and have much more enthusiasm toward life. Going from a size 22 to a size 6 is truly amazing. I finally feel that I am the attractive young lady that my family and friends always said I was. More importantly, the surgery has not only enhanced my physical outlook, but my mental one as well. Thank you Dr. Forrester and the entire NJBC staff for giving me my life back!


*According to national studies, bariatric surgery results in an average weight loss of 55-80 percent of excess body weight. Excess weight is the amount of weight one needs to lose in order to have a “healthy” BMI of 25.