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Getting Started with Weight Loss Surgery

Once you decide to have weight loss surgery at New Jersey Bariatric Center®, you’ll discover that your weight loss journey starts before you enter the operating room. Your surgeon and registered dietitian will want you to begin eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle in small ways from the get-go. This will prepare you for long-term success after surgery.
Gabrielle lost 78lbs with weight loss surgery.*
What to Expect at Your First Appointment
At New Jersey Bariatric Center, we recognize how overwhelming it can feel when you begin the weight loss surgery journey. At your first appointment your weight loss surgery team - surgeon, physician assistant, registered dietitian - will learn about your weight loss goals, review the steps of the surgical process and answer any questions you have. Then, each patient is teamed up with an experienced patient navigator who provides individualized assistance in coordinating the efforts of our interdisciplinary team to ensure that all insurance and clinical requirements are met.
Pre-Operative Appointments
The number of pre-operative appointments that a patient needs varies depending on insurance requirements. In general, patients can expect to meet with their surgical team 2 to 3 times prior to surgery and complete the required medical testing before surgery.
Preparing for Surgery
Your New Jersey Bariatric Center team will give you all of the tools needed to prepare for surgery. The registered dietitian will go over vitamins/minerals, supplements and dietary guidelines. Your surgeon will discuss smoking habits (if applicable), prescription medications and answer any questions that you have about your weight loss procedure and, your assigned patient navigator will work with you through the pre-surgical process. They are available to answer questions and provide support ensuring your path to surgery is as smooth as possible.
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