Once you decide to have weight loss surgery at New Jersey Bariatric Center®, you’ll discover that your weight loss journey starts before you ever enter the operating room. Your surgeon and dietitian will want you to begin eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle in small ways from the get-go. Some patients –especially if your BMI puts you in the super obese category (50 or higher)– will even be required to lose weight before being scheduled for surgery.

Right now, you might be thinking: If I could lose weight without surgery, why would I need surgery at all? Remember that surgery is still your best chance for you to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, there are substantial benefits to losing weight before surgery:

  • Developing good habits now will help you later when your new digestive system becomes a reality (think of it as the warm up before you run a marathon).
  • Pre-surgical weight loss reduces your risk of surgical complications.
  • Studies show that patients who lose weight pre-operatively are more successful with their weight loss after surgery.

Know that, if your surgeon advises you to lose weight before surgery, you’re not on your own. New Jersey Bariatric Center® patients receive nutritional counseling from our team of registered dietitians. Your dietitian will review your diet, eating habits and routines, and will make recommendations on changes. You will meet with your dietitian on every visit to the office prior to your surgery.

Meal Replacements

Many of our patients like using meal replacements because they relieve you of some of the work of meal planning while still providing balanced nutrition and hunger control. Our dietitians evaluate the products currently on the market to recommend only the ones that promote safe and sustainable weight loss. Products are sold in the Springfield office for your convenience and include meal replacement protein shakes, protein bars and snacks.