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Support After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Physician Assistant with Patient
After surgery your NJBC weight loss team is here to support you as you adapt to your new digestive system and learn to make healthy food choices as well as cheer you on as you work towards your weight loss goals.

After the required number of post-operative appointments and testing, patients can choose from many topics for their dietitian visits, including weight maintenance, avoiding the weight plateau, meal planning or combatting stress and overeating.
Patients will meet with their surgeon on a regular basis to review progress and set attainable weight loss and health goals. Routine blood work will be completed to determine vitamin and nutrient levels. Surgeons and PAs are there to answer any questions about recovery and life after surgery.
Patients will also regularly meet with one of our registered dietitians to review progress and discuss nutritional needs after surgery. Our RDs can help you set attainable goals as well as assist you in meal planning, talking with family and friends and finding support after surgery.
Our registered dietitians are here to support you for the long-term. You can make an appointment to meet with your dietitian any time after surgery whether it’s within the first year or beyond.
Exercise Planning and Yoga Classes
Woman Weight Loss Surgery Patient Yoga
New Jersey Bariatric Center also offers virtual exercise and yoga classes. Classes are offered once a month and are led by a certified exercise and yoga instructor. All you need is a mat and a space to workout.
For more information on virtual yoga classes, email
Tuesday Talks
Weight Loss Surgery Support Group
New Jersey Bariatric Center also offers Tuesday Talks - a monthly support group meeting currently held virtually. Led by one of our registered dietitians, each meeting includes a special topic or guest, a Q&A session and open talk about weight and wellness issues.
For more information regarding Tuesday Talks, email
La-Fina Discusses Support
After Weight Loss Surgery
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