After weight loss surgery, you’ll likely experience a whole new set of challenges, along with many of the same old obstacles that kept you from losing weight in the past. Having support to help you face all these issues is critical to your success. New Jersey Bariatric Center® offers several opportunities to find the support you need.


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Virtual Tuesday Talks Meetings

Run by one of our dietitians, our virtual Tuesday Talks group offers lectures on exercise, nutrition, body image and more. Guest speakers are frequently invited to speak and there is time for patients to share information. These meetings are for all post-op patients, not just those who may be having problems. Visit our blog for locations, times and dates.

Other online tools and links

In addition to New Jersey Bariatric Center®-run Tuesday Talks groups, there are many great websites that offer tools for the bariatric patient’s new lifestyle. Here are some that New Jersey Bariatric Center® staff and patients have found useful: