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Success Stories

Ashley Lost 104 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


In 2020, I accepted the fact that I needed serious help with my weight and refused to buy any more clothing in larger sizes. I was tired of being depressed about my appearance. I had been overweight since 2012. The stress from a previous career contributed to me using food as a coping mechanism. I was an emotional eater. I would use anything to justify overeating. I tried multiple diet programs such as Jenny Craig, Ideal Protein, meal prepping and exercising with a personal trainer. Although I had some success with losing weight, I was unable to maintain the weight loss long term. I decided that it was time to regain control. .

Gastric sleeve surgery has helped me by restricting the amount of food I can consume in a sitting. It has also encouraged me to be more conscious about what I put in my body. And, since then I have also acquired healthier coping strategies for managing stress.

From preoperative stage to postoperative stage, the staff at New Jersey Bariatric Center was very professional, courteous, thorough and understanding. Everyone I came into contact with ensured I was on schedule and understood each step of the process. After surgery, routine appointments with my doctors and the nutritionist helped me to learn better eating habits that have yielded the best weight loss results for me and helped me maintain it. As a postoperative patient, I attend virtual yoga classes and support groups that help me stay on track.

Since surgery, I feel so much better about myself! I am constantly taking pictures of myself now, whereas this time last year I hated having my picture taken. I feel like I have more energy, my feet and back don’t hurt as much as they did in the past, and I can easily engage in physical activities that do not cause me to be out of breath..

Since my weight loss, I love that I can now look in the mirror or look at a current picture of myself and feel beautiful.

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