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Success Stories

Ben Lost 65 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


The most emotional moment for me was when I was no longer able to tie my own shoes with one leg crossed over the other. For most of my life I had struggled with my weight and it greatly impacted my happiness, and life in general but this time was different. I began to have various health issues and had to see more and more doctors to manage them. It felt as if I was spiraling down a very dangerous health path with no potential way out. Every attempt to lose weight almost always made me feel even worse whenever I did not succeed. I tried all the various diet plans and meal delivery plans, and even hired trainers. All efforts had different levels of success at the beginning followed by a loss of inspiration and a regain of the weight at the end.

After having gastric sleeve surgery, I started losing weight more rapidly than any other method I tried in the past which motivated me to stick to a good diet, follow nutritional guidelines and become more active. The surgery also helped me resolve ALL previous health issues, and I feel fantastic mentally, physically and emotionally!

My surgeon, Dr. Thomas made me feel comfortable to ask questions and ensured that I understood each element of the process. In my opinion, she performed a top quality surgery. My dietitian Clarissa was inspirational, motivational and encouraging. The New Jersey Bariatric Center team is clearly dedicated not only to delivering quality weight loss surgery, but providing a supportive and informative journey before, during, and after surgery.

Now that my physical health has been and continues to get better, I am more motivated to focus even more on improvements in all areas of my life. I now consider myself to be an active person and my level of happiness and self-confidence has increased to a level I am not sure I’ve ever experienced before.

Since my weight loss, I love that I can now do simple things like walk up stairs without being out of breath, be active around my house with my loved ones and tie my own shoes again. I would highly recommend New Jersey Bariatric Center to anyone and I already have.

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