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Success Stories

Brian Lost 85 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


I had been steadily gaining weight since my high school graduation. I tried to lose weight many times throughout the years, but I would always hit a wall, which would make me less likely to keep up whatever program or plan I was on. I’ve done Jenny Craig, once, and Weight Watchers many times. I’ve also done my own forms of dieting while I was in college. I never found something that really worked for me long term.

I started having several medical issues, including obstructive sleep apnea, recurring migraine headaches and high cholesterol. This all happened within a short time span. Each doctor I saw told me that losing weight would help relieve my symptoms.I finally decided that if all of my doctors felt that way, I should do something about it. I was always hesitant about the idea of another diet because I felt that I would, inevitably, reach a point where I would stop losing weight. This made it hard for me to even start dieting. That’s when I started considering weight loss surgery. Getting the surgery finally gave me the motivation to stay on the diet and exercise train. Knowing that I was giving my body the best possible chance to lose weight was the exact motivation I needed to actually stick to it.

New Jersey Bariatric Center’s free seminars were a big help, especially for my wife, who really didn’t understand how hard it is for someone to lose weight. The doctors were so helpful in answering any questions my wife and I had. They talked us through the whole plan from pre-operative through recovery and they are all so kind and respectful of each individual’s “process”. The staff at NJBC was very helpful, every step of the way. I believe that they truly want nothing more than for me to succeed.

I haven’t felt this good in a very long time, probably since high school. I no longer have obstructive sleep apnea. I can shop in regular stores again. I’ve dropped 15 pants sizes. Everyone tells me how good I look, which really helps keep me motivated to stay on my plan. Now I can finally keep up with my two kids! (Well, mostly … they’re very fast!)


*According to national studies, bariatric surgery results in an average weight loss of 55-80 percent of excess body weight. Excess weight is the amount of weight one needs to lose in order to have a “healthy” BMI of 25.

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