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Gregg Lost 135 lbs with Gastric Sleeve

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff
Gregg Before Losing 135 lbs with Gastric Sleeve
Gregg After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before losing 135 lbs with Gastric Sleeve Surgery, my weight was always something that I was trying to be more conscious of. I tried everything. I went to the gym and I tried different diet plans like Atkins and Weight Watchers and even just reduced my portion sizes. The diets and exercise would work for a while and I would lose weight but eventually I would gain it back. 

When the COVID pandemic hit, it was hard for me because in the blink of an eye, everything was shut down. I could no longer go to the gym or even just walk around the mall for exercise. Shopping for healthy food was even difficult because of shortages. 

In the Spring of 2022, a really good friend of mine passed away due to COVID. Shortly after that I lost another close friend to cancer. Then my 99 year old grandmother passed. It was a lot of loss in a short period of time. I was thinking to myself that you truly never know what’s around the corner and at the rate I was going, there was no way that I was going to make it to age 99. It was those three things that made me seriously think about taking my health more seriously and consider weight loss surgery. 

I decided to set up a consultation with New Jersey Bariatric Center to get more information. I met with Dr. Buwen and he laid out all the pros and cons for me. Right away, I started following his advice and Clarissa, my registered dietitian. I actually ended up losing about 50 lbs before my surgery just from changing my diet. I stuck to the plan that was outlined for me and I did everything I was told to do. Because of this, everything started moving in the right direction.

Dr. Buwen and Clarissa were so supportive and encouraging. They were willing to answer any question that I had after gastric sleeve surgery. I participated in the NJBC’s postoperative classes. The monthly exercise classes really helped ease me into a workout routine that I felt comfortable with and attending the support group meetings I learned more nutrition information from the dietitian who hosts it and other NJBC patients. 

Before gastric sleeve surgery, I had confidence in myself but I was uncomfortable with my weight. Since gastric sleeve surgery, everything has changed. My clothes fit better and it really is so much easier to shop. Now, I’m able to physically do things like go up a ladder and walk up and down the stairs without getting out of breath. I didn’t lose weight to get compliments but it’s so nice to hear them every once in a while.  At work, I used to dread walking from department to department but now I’m happy to take on the task and even carry a box or two with me. Health-wise, my blood pressure has improved too. Overall it was just a complete 180. I feel so much more comfortable just existing. 

Since my weight loss, I love that I can now challenge myself at the gym. I feel successful and accomplished when I leave a workout class. 

I would definitely recommend New Jersey Bariatric Center to anyone considering weight loss surgery simply because of how much it has helped me. My advice to anyone considering it is to not be afraid. Schedule a consultation and speak with an NJBC surgeon. I wish that I would have done it 10 years ago.

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