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Success Stories

Heather Lost 72 lbs with Gastric Sleeve

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff

I can remember feeling fat and bad about myself since I was in elementary school. Trying to lose weight has always been on my mind. The biggest struggle for me was my relationship with food and my body image. I always struggled with feeling deprived and I constantly felt trapped within the dieting cycle. I have tried Weight Watchers so many times and I would lose weight and then stop and gain it back. I also attempted other diets like Atkins and Noom. I was not able to keep the weight off long-term. 

After I had my second child, it began to feel impossible to lose weight. After the pandemic hit and my weight was at an all-time high, I decided to consider weight loss surgery. During that time my sister was diagnosed with cancer and it really shifted my perspective. I realized that life is really precious.  That was such a reality check for me and helped me realize that my health is truly important and it affects everyone around me. I knew it was time for a change. I wanted my youth and my energy and my happiness back.  

My gastric sleeve was exactly what I needed to get my body in sync with my mind. The surgery helped me focus more on healing my mental health surrounding my body image and food. I began feeling fuller with smaller quantities of food and it was such a huge win for me. Now, I no longer focus on the scale and I’m no longer stuck in the cycle of blaming myself. 

My surgeon Dr. Goyal was so empathetic to me and was not judgmental.  To hear a doctor talk about weight NOT being my fault, was so huge for me. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him and the staff. The support was amazing. From the beginning, they made me feel so comfortable. Clarissa and Alley were so helpful. Whenever I had a question, there was always an answer. 

Since having gastric sleeve surgery I am no longer on high blood pressure medication and my sleep apnea has completely resolved. I used to have severe pain in my knees and within two weeks of my procedure, the pain was beginning to go away. I’m more active than I have ever been before. I’m reaching 10k steps daily which seemed next to impossible before. In general I am more energetic and have so much more motivation to do things that used to overwhelm me. 

Before surgery,  going to the beach with my family was an effort. Now we all really enjoy it and I actually bought myself a two-piece swimsuit! If I were to ride the bus or sit on an airplane, I’m more comfortable with the amount of space I take up. I just have so much more confidence in myself and I’m more present with my kids and my family. 

Since my weight loss surgery, I love that I can now buy clothes that truly make me feel good – not just because they fit! I can see myself as more than just the number on the scale. My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery is: You can do this! Having gastric sleeve surgery truly helped me get out of my own way. 

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