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Karen lost 115 lbs. with Gastric Sleeve Surgery*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff
Karen before Gastric Sleeve
Karen Lost 115 lbs

I struggled with my weight my whole life. I would try various crash diets and lose weight but then immediately gain all of the weight back right after. I tried the keto diet, diet pills, the cabbage soup diet and weight watchers., I even tried going vegan and just about any popular diet trend.

One time when I was traveling, I got on an airplane and needed a seat belt extender for the first time. That was a sign to me that I needed to make changes. I decided to start the process for gastric sleeve surgery.

This surgery has helped hold me accountable with what I eat. I’m able to still enjoy food while keeping my portions small. Now, I look at food differently and I look forward to eating healthier foods compared to the poor food choices I made before.

The doctors at New Jersey Bariatric Center are very supportive. They made it clear to me that I could be successful with weight loss surgery. They gave me a plan that was easy to understand and follow. It was focused on making better choices, not completely depriving myself. I am able to be active and play with my daughter in a way I never had the energy to before. I enjoy going to the gym and simply just going for walks, things that I dreaded before having weight loss surgery. I no longer become as tired as quickly now.

Since my gastric sleeve surgery I love that I can now feel comfortable in my own body.

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