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Success Stories

Phoebe Lost 90 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


About 10 years ago while I was on medication I gained 100 lbs. I tried over and over to lose the weight on my own. The most successful try was about 5 years ago when I lost 80 lbs but within 6 months I'd gained it all back. I've tried over the counter teas, pills, and powders, changed my lifestyle, ate healthier, and went to the gym. Nothing ever lasted. 

The turning point for me came in September 2019. My family and I were on a vacation in Mexico. At that time I was 260 pounds and very thigh-heavy. One of our excursions was ziplining - something I've wanted to do my entire life. The harness would not fit around my thighs to clip in place. It took me and 3 employees tugging and yanking for several minutes to get the harness properly placed.  The whole time a group of teen girls were behind me in line giggling and filming with their phones. I was mortified and so very embarrassed that something like that could happen to me in front of my fiancé and children. I had no one to blame but myself. 

Since coming to New Jersey Bariatric Center, I’m no longer yo-yo dieting. Gastric bypass surgery has given me the extra help I needed to stay focused and stay on track. My weekends are no longer about binging and nullifying all the workouts and healthy eating I had done during the week. I no longer say, “a piece of cake or some pasta won't hurt!”. That's the behavior that in the past always sent me spiraling away from a healthier me. 

Dr. Thomas did my gastric bypass surgery and she was beyond amazing. Never at any time did I feel pressured for one surgery or the other. She always answered my questions clearly and I was able to come to my own decision about what would work best for me. Her bedside manner and humor always put me at ease and made me comfortable every step of the way. The after care NJBC provides is stellar. I love joining in on the monthly post-op yoga classes which has inspired me to go back to practicing yoga on a regular basis - something I haven't done in years! 

Since weight loss surgery I love that I can engage in physical activities with my children again.  Before, my knees wouldn't let me but now I can bike ride with my 9 year old. Our hikes can go for miles and I'm not a sweaty mess after 5 minutes. I'm not embarrassed to participate in virtual exercise classes. I can keep up! I'm not the best but I'm no longer at my worst. My teenage daughter and I have started buying matching dresses bringing us closer together now that I'm not wearing  plus sizes anymore. Suddenly, I have a new love for mirrors! 

My A1C level is below not just diabetic levels but even pre-diabetic levels for the first time in over 10 years and I don't have to take my diabetes medication anymore! I've always loved me on the inside but I'm finally remembering what it feels like to love the outside as well.

I would definitely recommend New Jersey Bariatric Center. I'm in several support groups and I have to say by far NJBC offers the most comprehensive before, during, and after care. At no time did I feel like I was just a patient cycling through. I know NJBC is going to have my back for the rest of my life to help me be the best me I can! This was the best decision of my life. It has helped me stop excessively drinking, lose weight, become healthier, be more energetic, and a better mother. I now have  hope to see not only grandchildren but my great grandchildren as well one day. I see my life lasting much longer because of my bypass surgery at New Jersey Bariatric Center.

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