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Success Stories

Vincent Lost 102 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


As a football player on the offensive and defensive line, it was always a good thing to be bigger than everyone else. I had played those positions for most of my life and always kept the weight on. I would always eat and eat and eat. Losing weight had been an uphill battle for me. I’ve tried it all -- Weight watchers, Atkins, keto, the egg diet and more. Nothing ever seemed to work. Every diet I tried would work a little then I’d gain the weight back and then some. It seemed as if I would never win my fight with the scaleWhen I was 420lbs, I started dieting and exercising and got down to 356lbs but after some time the weight started coming back - even though I continued to go to the gym. Then one day, my fiancé told me she was going to have the gastric sleeve. Dr. Goyal performed her procedure and I watched as she began losing a lot of weight. Tired of dieting, I said to myself “maybe this is the way”, so I made an appointment with New Jersey Bariatric Center.

Dr. Goyal gave me the ‘all clear’ and he performed the gastric sleeve procedure. It was a fresh start for me. It gave me the motivation I needed to move towards my goal of being healthy. I will not waste this blessing.

The doctors and staff were there with me every single step of the way. If I had a question for them they had an answer. When I would talk to the staff and my medical team I could see in their eyes that they were really listening to what I had to say.They really cared about me and my weight loss struggles.

The old me is no longer here. That individual died when I had my surgery, and I was reborn. This is the new me. My health has done a complete 180. I’m more motivated at work, my home life has improved drastically, and I’m 100% happier. I am faster, stronger, and better at everything. I feel as if nothing can stand in my way and nothing can stop me!

Since my weight loss, I love that I can now make it up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I love that I wake up feeling refreshed and not tired because I’m not heavy anymore. I love that I can run a mile and keep going. And, I love that my back, knees, and legs don’t hurt anymore when I walk. New Jersey Bariatric Center is better than any other office out there. The doctors? No one comes close to them. The nutritionists team t is more educated in their field than anyone else I’ve dealt with.

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