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What am I eating? Post Premier Protein Cereal

Cereal is a quick and easy meal when mornings are busy and cooking a full breakfast just isn’t going to work. We know that traditional cereals can have a ton of carbohydrates and added sugar; which is why I don’t normally recommend them as they can derail your weight loss. However, eating a bowl of cereal can still be a good choice if you choose the right one. 

Recently, I was cruising down the cereal aisle in my local supermarket when I stumbled upon Post Premier Protein Cereal. I picked up a box of the Mixed Berry Almond flavor to try after reading the nutrition label. The taste is comparable to Kellogg’s Special K Berries cereal. I enjoyed it not only because it tasted good but because it has much better nutritional components when compared to regular cereal which can have higher carbs and sugar. Take a look at the chart below: 

As you can see, the Premier Protein cereal has less than half the amount of carbohydrates and added sugar when compared to the Special K brand. The biggest standout to me was the amount of protein that the Premier brand had – 20g is a great amount for a bowl of cereal! I recommend pairing this with Fairlife milk or adding it on top of your favorite yogurt for a delicious crunch. The Premier Protein cereal definitely gets my stamp of approval. Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

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