Got a sweet tooth? Quest Nutrition’s newest product is the Frosted Protein Cookies that comes in two different delicious flavors: birthday cake and chocolate cake. These cookies are much smaller than their original cookie and have only 90 calories, 5g protein and less than 1g sugar per cookie. You can purchase these as a box of 8, individually wrapped cookies – making it easy to grab one cookie and throw it in your bag or lunch box. 

Although the nutrition facts of these cookies are ideal for a bariatric friendly snack, I recommend sticking to the 1 cookie serving because the calories can add up.

I’ve tried the birthday cake flavor and I’ve got to say that the texture and taste was delicious. It uses milk proteins which gives you that creamy texture and dessert-like taste. I would recommend this protein cookie to my patients who like to enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. 

And, to stay on track with your health goals, plan out your meals and snacks the night before. This way you satisfy your sweet tooth without setting yourself on a path to overindulging. 

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