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Thanksgiving Traditions and Recipes from NJBC

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | November 25, 2020



In our latest blog, the team of surgeons share some of their thanksgiving traditions. Read on to find out how Dr. Goyal prepares his turkey, when Dr. Buwen celebrates Thanksgiving and which special event Dr. Thomas celebrates during the week of thanksgiving.






"About 12 years ago I spontaneously bought a turkey fryer in Home Depot the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I've been frying a turkey ever since. I even created a pulley system to lower the turkey safely into the fryer. RD Dana reminds me to remove the skin before eating it - since the skin absorbs most of the fat and oil from frying - to make it a little bit healthier!" - Dr. Ajay Goyal, MD, FACS






"I grew up in the rural farming sticks of New Jersey and my mother usually worked on Thanksgiving day so my sister and I would spend some time on the farm in my town and in the woods chasing wild turkey. We would actually celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday - a tradition that still continues in my family today." - Dr. James Buwen, DO, FACOS







"Thanksgiving in our house is somewhat synonymous with my birthday - both usually falling in the same week which turns Thanksgiving into a week-long celebration of food, family and loved ones. This year, it is certainly a time to be thankful for many things, but most of all, for good health and well being." - Dr. Tina Thomas, MD





For healthy Thanksgiving recipes from our registered dietitians, check our this blog post.

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