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The December Dilemma: So Many Celebrations, So Little Time

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving and December will be here before you know it so it was fitting that our November support group was all about how to navigate the holidays. Some of those who attended the support group this month have already been through several holiday seasons after having bariatric surgery while others are approaching their first. It was great to hear all of the advice and recommendations from everyone.

We took a look at a Weight Loss Surgery Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season and talked about which pieces of advice work best. Our experienced post-ops said these were their top 3 tips to surviving the holiday season:

  1. Eat before you party. Never show up at a party or event hungry. Starving yourself during the day will almost always lead to overeating later on so be sure to have balanced meals of protein, high-fiber carbohydrates and healthy fats before facing temptation.
  2. Focus on people, not food. Many people stressed they do their best to make friends and family the focus of their festivities.
  3. Make your own healthy choices. Be the one who brings the healthy dish! This ensures you'll have something you love that you can eat.
We also discussed how to deal with the different personalities you find during the holiday season. Have a look at Dealing With Food Pushers and the Food Police for tips. Almost everyone at the support group knew that type of person who pushes food on you at family dinners. How do you handle those well-meaning aunties and grandpas who made you your favorite (and usually high-calorie) dishes from your childhood? Bottom line, white lies are OK!  When someone tells you to try something and they just won't take no for an answer, tell them: "I tried it and it was delicious" or "I've become sensitive to ___ (fill in the ingredient) and just can't eat it anymore." Works like a charm!

Thank you to all who attended.  We will not be having a support group in December but will start up again in January for the new year!

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