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What am I eating? Turkey Bacon

By Dana Babeu, R.D. | July 7, 2022

Lean protein is the cornerstone of a healthy diet, and I’m here to share one of my favorite foods that makes it easy to grab protein anytime of day. Wellshire Farms Uncured Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon is quick to prepare, delicious and always in my fridge. I like that this adds variety and a ton of flavor to many different dishes. It’s lean, crispy and good to crumble over salads for lunch and dinner. This turkey bacon can also be added to an omelet for extra protein or even as a snack with some low-fat cheese and a piece of fruit. 

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Turkey bacon has fewer calories and fat than pork bacon, making it easier to add into your low-carb high protein diet. Though it is slightly healthier, it still adds a tasty, salty crunch to whatever you’re adding it to. Plus, it’s completely sugar free which is hard to come by in bacon products. Each serving has 5 grams of lean protein and zero carbs – perfect for a bariatric diet. Check out the chart below to compare turkey and pork bacon. 

What’s great about this specific product is that it’s already fully cooked. You can heat it for a couple of seconds in the microwave or throw it on the stove. Let me know if you try it. 

Dana Babeu, RD, is a registered dietitian at New Jersey Bariatric Center, a medical & surgical weight loss center with offices in Springfield, Somerville, Hoboken, East Brunswick, Hackettstown and Sparta, New Jersey. She provides pre-operative and post-operative nutritional counseling to New Jersey Bariatric Center’s Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, LAP-BAND (gastric band) and revision patients, in addition to dietary counseling for patients in our Medical Weight Loss program.
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