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Gastric band surgery (with the LAP-BAND®) is the least invasive weight loss procedure because it does not permanently alter the digestive tract.
LAP-BAND® Surgery Procedure
Gastric Band Procedure
During the procedure, the surgeon fits a hollow band around the upper part of your stomach, like a belt. The band divides the stomach into two sections, a smaller upper pouch and the larger lower section. The surgeon then connects the LAP-BAND® by a tube to an access port just underneath the skin of your abdomen.

Within four to six weeks after surgery, you’ll have your first band adjustment or fill. This will take place during an in-office visit. During the procedure, saline is injected into the port under your skin. The saline then travels through the tube. It fills the band around your stomach and narrows the opening between the upper pouch and the lower portion of the stomach. With the narrowing of the opening, food stays in the upper stomach pouch longer, leaving you feeling fuller for a longer time. After the initial fill, adjustments to the band are done in the office as needed to maximize weight loss while minimizing complications, such as the feeling that food is getting stuck. In the first year, adjustments may be needed more frequently until you and your surgeon find what many of our patients call the “sweet spot” — that feeling that the band is perfectly adjusted.
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Health Benefits
New Jersey Bariatric Center® patients report better quality of life after LAP-BAND® surgery, including the improvement in diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

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Side Effects & Risks
When deciding whether gastric band surgery (with the LAP-BAND®) is right for you, the perceived benefits must undoubtedly outweigh the potential risks. To learn more about the side effects and risks of gastric band surgery, visit our Side Effects & Risks page.
Revising the Gastric Band
To find out your options for revising a gastric band and getting a second chance at weight loss, visit our revision surgery page.

Patient Journey

Interested in LAP-BAND® surgery? Visit our patient journey page to learn about the next steps.
Patient Journey
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