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What Am I Eating? Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | February 21, 2020


I always get asked by my patients, what can I eat if I’m craving something sweet?  Ideally, avoiding sweets is best, but you can have a treat here and there sometimes. If I’m craving something chocolate, one of my healthier “go-to’s” is Tribe Chocolate Hummus.  

Let’s look at the nutritional information:


Low in fat and calories, this hummus is the perfect for dipping nutrient-rich fruit like strawberries, apples and more. Plus, there’s the added bonus of protein. I will admit that it’s easy to go overboard on the serving size and if you do, that’ll add up quickly in overall calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Therefore, I would recommend measuring out the serving size of 2 tablespoons and then putting the rest of the container away so you’re not tempted by eating the rest. I like to pair it with strawberries. The Tribe brand also makes several other “sweet” flavors such as pea no-nut butter, cake batter, sea salt caramel, and vanilla bean which are tasty too!

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