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Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff | February 14, 2019

                               Part of NJBC's Bariatric FAQ Series 

When can I …  get back to my fitness routine?

After bariatric surgery, we recommend walking...and doing so immediately. While you’re still in the hospital, patients are encouraged to walk around with the assistance of the nursing staff to avoid blood clots and other complications. Once you’re home from the hospital, walking daily for a minimum of 30 minutes not only benefits your cardiovascular health but also gets you started on an easy-to-follow fitness routine. At approximately one month after surgery, with the approval of your surgeon, you can graduate to more physical exercises.

Exercise is an important part to any patient’s weight loss journey as it helps prevent the slowing of your metabolism. Exercise, both cardio and weight resistance, adequate protein intake (60 grams for women and 80 grams for men) and proper vitamins will help keep you in shape, decrease loose skin and build muscle. Whether it’s a walk around your neighborhood or a group fitness class, exercise also helps keep your skin elastic and improves the overall tone of your body.

What are you wondering about as you enter your post-op bariatric journey?  Send us your questions….

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