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Success Stories

Yossedy Lost 58 Lbs.*

By New Jersey Bariatric Center Staff


I had been trying to lose weight for around two years. I tried a lot of different methods including Herbalife and the keto diet. None of them worked for me and between work and four kids, I always felt tired. In addition to this my blood pressure started increasing. I knew I had to do something to improve my health so I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery with the New Jersey Bariatric Center.

After the gastric sleeve, my life changed 180 degrees. As I started losing weight I began to feel less tired and my blood pressure improved to the point that I no longer needed to take high blood pressure pills. Now I have so much more energy to do my job as a manager, take care of my kids, cook, exercise and just be more active in general. I truly feel amazing!

With New Jersey Bariatric Center it's not just the surgery that impressed me but the care afterwards. The way the team always supports me and answers all my questions and concerns makes me feel like family. I enjoy participating in the post-op virtual support groups and the yoga classes. The team at New Jersey Bariatric Center helped me change my mentality about my health. I’ve even recommended someone to the practice and they had the same great experience. I am so glad that I chose them!

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